Licensed Tyre Disposals Ltd will collect and recycle your end of life tyres: cost effective, convenient and environmentally friendly.

We work with garages, breakers yards, and any other companies that need to dispose of tyres. We operate nationwide, providing a safe, fast and effective tyre collection and disposal service.

You have a duty of care for your waste tyres, even after they leave your premises, until they are properly recovered or disposed of. You should make sure they are collected by a registered waste carrier and that they recover or dispose of them properly on your behalf. If you are storing them you must do so safely so they don’t present a fire risk.

Licensed Tyre Disposals Ltd are the northern's foremost tyre recycling specialist. We collect and recycle all forms of tyres and can promise an efficient, reliable and fully compliant solution to your tyre recycling requirements.

We can help you meet the demands on your business of increasingly complex environmentally legislation. We will provide you with a tailor-made, reliable and compliant solution to your waste management needs.

If you produce waste tyres and need advice, or would like to arrange a collection please contact us

For our commercial and industrial customers, we offer a competitively priced tyre collection service, ideal for those businesses constantly acquiring used and worn tyres, in need of a standing agreement in the processing and recycling of their tyres on a regular basis. Operating throughout Yorkshire and all the surrounding areas, our tyre collection teams can transport significant numbers of tyres, straight from your car garage, yard or service centre at highly competitive prices.

Licensed Tyre processes many thousands of used tyres every week using the latest Tyre Baling technology which allows previously useless tyres to be used in an ecologically and environmentally friendly manner. The Tyres are compressed using a specialised (PAS108 specification) Tyre Baler and then exported worldwide to various sites where they are used in the construction industry and alternative fuels.

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